Department Overview

The successes and positive reputation of Plano Public Safety Communications is due highly in part to our thorough training of all newly hired employees. The intent of the training program is to familiarize new PSC Recruits and Specialists with roles and responsibilities within the department, while teaching skills necessary to perform the job properly.

The Academy has two full-time Training Coordinators: Samantha Baumgartner, and Marjorie Rochelle, dedicated to instructing new recruits and keeping current employees sharp and updated within the ever-changing world of 9-1-1. In addition, the department has a group of eight Communications Training Officers who guide each new hire every step of the way, ensuring they get one-on-one attention and guidance.

Training Coordinator Responsibilities

The Training Coordinators develop and implement training programs for new and existing employees of the PSC Department. This includes direction, scheduling, and conducting of classroom and on-the job training. They participate in the development of classes, manuals, lesson plans and other material. Instruction includes continuing education courses and annual in-service training. They monitor work of PSC Trainers, including written procedures to evaluate work and training requirements for daily evaluations. They make recommendations regarding successful completion of training and retention of trainees.

Training Agenda

Personnel will complete approximately 224 hours of training before being released to answering phone calls, and up to 1,632 hours of experiential and certification training if fully cross-trained in Police, Fire, and NCIC Operations. Training includes (but certainly not limited to) Emergency Telecommunicator Certification, TCIC/NCIC Full Access, CPR Training, Emergency Medical Dispatcher certification, Geography Tours, Police and Fire ride-along, Suicide Intervention, and Hostage Negotiation, as well as additional classroom and console training.

Upcoming Training Schedule


Unless otherwise stated, all classes are held in the Plano Public Safety Communications Training Facility located at 1520 K Avenue, Plano, TX 75074. Training class dates and content are subject to change due to department needs and available staff.

January 2017

1/1/17 –   1/31/17 Emergency Telecommunicator Continuing Education - Harassment Prevention for Employee

1/1/17 –   1/31/17 Emergency Telecommunicator Continuing Education – Sports Injuries

1/23/17 – 1/27/17 NCIC Operator Classroom Training

March 2017

3/13/17 – 3/15/17 PD Operator Classroom Training