Plano Citizens Academy


To allow Plano residents to experience a year within the life cycle of the city. The twelve month program will highlight a variety of programs, facilities and services at the actual times they are happening. As a Community Engagement program for the City of Plano, the Plano Citizens Academy will teach the basic roles and functions of municipal government through in-person simulations, tours and activities, as well as, online lectures of selected departments to educate and engage residents on council and city staff's responsibilities throughout the year. 


Applications will open August 1Program size will be set at no more than forty participants to ensure a manageable, engaged and select group. Our focus is to create a group that is as diverse and dynamic as our community. The selection process will be mindful of applicants interested in pursuing the Citizens Fire and Police academies also.
  • Application submission will begin August 1, 2017 and be closed on September 18, 2017. 
  • Acceptance letters will be sent out on in late September along with the program itinerary, class schedule, and expectations. 


Each month we will meet up in predetermined areas in the city for an hour and a half to two hours. The classes will be set after regular work hours or on the weekends for your convenience.
At these classes, participants will be learning about services like the Police's bomb squad, Emergency Management's disaster kits, and Plano's Animal Shelter. 

The class requires you attend one evening a month, with a couple of classes being held on Saturday mornings. Most classes will be held on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday night starting at 6:30 p.m.