Trash Cart Size Collection Rate
68 gallon $11.25 per month
95 gallon $16.10 per month
Extra trash cart $13.25 for each additional cart
plus a $15 one-time delivery fee
Trash or recycle cart damaged by resident
 due to neglect, misuse, etc.
Current replacement cost from vendor
plus $15 delivery fee

Example: REFUSE $16.10
John Smith requested a 95-gallon trash cart. Using table above, John's monthly collection rate is $16.10.

NOTE: Sales tax is applied to refuse services. John Smith's refuse sales tax is $1.33.

All residential customers in Plano are charged for refuse collection. Normally, this service is provided once a week. The City provides a 95 or 68 gallon trash cart and a recycling cart on wheels. Grass clippings and other yard debris are picked up if bagged in recyclable paper bags. These bags are available for purchase at the City of Plano Warehouse, 4100 W. Plano Parkway. Citizens are encouraged to mulch grass clippings and leave them on the lawn.