Drainage Rates as of November 1, 2014
Residential Tier Size of Impervious Area (square feet)* Monthly Fee
R - 1 Less than 4,750 $3.10
R - 2 4,750 to 6,450 $4.15
R - 3 Greater than 6,450 $5.60
* Includes footprint of first floor, patio, garage and a pro rata portion adjustment 
of 3,000 square feet for streets, alleys and sidewalks.
It is necessary to maintain and repair existing storm drainage systems and to minimize natural stream erosion. This charge is passed on to customers and is based on square footage. The drainage fee is assessed as follows:

Example: DRAINAGE $5.60
The building footprint for John Smith's house is 4,171 square feet.

A. Square foot of your house: 4,171
B. Add 3,000 square feet for streets, alleys and sidewalks per Ordinance No. 402.048
C. Find total billable square footage: 7,171
    A                    + B                    = C
   4,171               3,000                 7,171
D. Use drainage table to determine your monthly fee. In this example, the total billable square footage is greater than 6,450 square feet, therefore, the monthly fee is $5.60.