Recycle Right Plano

Recycle Right Plano is the recycling awareness campaign for the City of Plano. We focus specifically on residential recycling with single-stream curbside carts; recycling in businesses is covered by the Commercial Recycling Division.

The two main goals of Recycle Right Plano are:

  1. Increase the residential recycling rate in Plano
  2. Decrease contamination in residential recycling carts

You Can Now Recycle Grocery Bags and Cartons

Our recycling partner, Republic Services, can now process plastic bags (including grocery and dry cleaner bags) and cartons – like milk and juice boxes. Follow these simple guidelines to ensure your items can be recycled once collected:
  • Only recycle plastic grocery and dry cleaner bags.
  • Place all plastic bags inside of one bag to reduce litter and make it easier for crews to recover.
  • Recycle only empty food and beverage cartons like milk, juice, soup, broth and wine.
  • Remove caps/lids before recycling

Do You Recycle Right? Take the Quiz Below to Find Out:

Not sure what to recycle?
Learn more about recycling from our online learning module, Take Care of the Trash. Find out what to do with your household hazardous waste, bulky waste, yard trimmings and more! 


Multi-Family & Commercial Tenants
Multi-family and commercial tenants are not eligible for the recycling incentive program. 
If you feel your complex or business should implement a recycling program, please contact your onsite management company or the City of Plano 
Commercial Recycling team to evaluate starting a recycling program.