Neighborhood Leadership Council (formerly HOA Presidents Council)

Neighborhood Leadership Council  (formerly HOA Presidents Council) Quarterly Breakfasts

Quarterly meetings of the Neighborhood Leadership Council (formerly HOA Presidents Council) are designed to provide a regular opportunity for the Mayor and City Council, as well as City Manager and members of the executive team, to share information about programs and services that the City provides which may be of value to your membership as well as to hear your input and ideas. 

To view the PowerPoint presentation from the last meeting, held October 14, 2016 please click here.

City of Plano Neighborhood Directory

We also ask that you take a minute and complete the Neighborhood Directory update form on the City’s website. We will use this to update our current contact information for this group as well as to develop and maintain a comprehensive list of associations and neighborhood groups so that we may communicate with you when items of zoning or planning interest, or other actions by the City, may impact your neighborhood.
Spring and Summer Watering Guidelines
Effective April 1 through October 31: Plano residents and businesses are asked to only water a maximum of twice per week.  Sprinkler use is not allowed between the hours of 10 am - 6pm.  Subscribe to weekly watering recommendations by visiting the Water My Yard website.  The best practice is simply to not water when rain or snow has just occurred or is expected. 

Odd addresses:  Tuesdays and Fridays 
Even addresses:  Mondays and Thursdays

For detailed information on water conservation and a watering calendar to share, visit 


Plano is preparing for the future of the development of Plano by updating its comprehensive plan. Your participation is critical to understanding your desires to maintain Plano as a City of Excellence. Learn the latest on the plan at 

To watch the meeting and presentation on Plano Tomorrow Comprehensive Plan, please click here. To view the PowerPoint presentation only, click here.
Do you ever see something that should be repaired within the City of Plano?  Let us know with FIXIT!  Your request will be submitted to the appropriate City department and you will receive status updates on the progress of the repair.