Construction Updates

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Forms, Manuals & Details

Below are individual master plans and photos for parks currently under construction and/or renovation:

Buckhorn Park
Complete renovation of Buckhorn Park to include a new pavilion, new playground, new irrigation system, tree planting and significant grading and drainage improvements. Playground is open.
Buckhorn Park Master Plan

Buckhorn Park Construction Pictures

Carpenter Park
Renovation of the athletic fields south of the drainage channel with the addition of a skate park.  CMAR selected, design documents in review prior to GMP bidding.
Jack Carter Park
The renovation project converts the old pool to a pond with a fountain. A new pond overlook plaza and trellis will be adjacent to the pond. The existing restroom is being renovated. A new inclusive playground is going in, and a new segment of trail will connect all of the elements.
Jack Carter Park Construction Pictures

Saigling House
Construction is near completion. Final inspections will take place on January 10.

Stimpson and Drake Park
This project is located off of Avenue H in the Douglass Neighborhood. Improvements include a playground, small picnic shelter, landscaping, irrigation and parallel parking spaces.  Flatwork complete.
  Stimpson D

Windhaven Meadows Park
Improvements at the park include parking, restrooms, a large pavilion, a dog park, a playground, trails and associated improvements. Council direction is to move pavilion and adjust parking lot. House is to be fenced and protected during construction until bond election in May 2017.