Youth Ambassador Program

Become a Youth Ambassador
The Youth Ambassador Program encourages Plano's youth to love their City, spread the good news about Plano, and participate in selected City events.

The program is designed to inspire elementary and middle school students to learn about and appreciate their local community. The program educates children about the importance of being an active citizen in their community and helps them understand the role government plays in everyday life. 

Mayor LaRosiliere and the City Council regularly take time to visit with young people seeking knowledge about local government and leadership. Occasionally there are opportunities for Youth Ambassadors to volunteer at City sponsored programs and events. 

For questions about the Youth Ambassador Program, please contact Mary Wright.

Member Requirements
Requirements to be a part of the Youth Ambassador team:
  • Child must reside in Plano or attend a Plano school.
  • Child must be the recipient of a Pledge Card (blue card) given to them by the Mayor or Council Member during an event or visit. If child is unable to meet Mayor or Council personally, they may take the virtual pledge just below.
  • Parent must accompany child during activity and return a completed Volunteer Waiver at check-in.
If you are a team member and want to join the database of volunteers, register here:
mayor treehouse.jpg
The Youth Ambassador Pledge
‚ÄčAmbassadors take this pledge and agree to remind people:
  • Plano is one of the best run cities in America
  • Plano protects our children and is one of the safest cities in America
  • Plano has one of the best school districts in America     

Take the Virtual Pledge
You can now take the Virtual Pledge and become a Youth Ambassador. Watch the video and take the pledge!