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The following classes and workshops are scheduled on a regular basis throughout the year. Please check our online registration website for an up-to date schedule and to register for a class.

Basics of Backyard Composting

Is your yard work piling up? Let it! Learn the basics of turning that garden debris into garden gold through composting. We cover what to put in, what to leave out, and how to mix, moisten and manage your way to successful soil enrichment. We'll also teach you to use specialized red worms to compost your food waste and create a fertile soil amendment for plants. 

Food Composting with Worms

Don't let the worms crawl in and out! Put them to work! We'll teach you to use specialized red worms to compost your plant-based food waste. Then use their waste as a fertile soil amendment to benefit your plants. Learn to set up and maintain a worm bin, and to harvest and use the worm castings. couple composting upright.jpg

Food Composting: Basics of Bokashi

Tired of scraping dinner scraps down the drain? Wondering if there is a safe way to recycle all of your food waste into a nutritious soil amendment? Let us teach you bokashi - a traditional Japanese fermentation practice that will allow you to compost even meat and dairy leftovers indoors.

Landscape for Life series (5 classes)

Let us show you how to work in cooperation with nature, no matter where you are - on a suburban lot, a 20-acre farm or the common area of your condominium.  Home gardens can improve the quality of your neighborhood and its environmental health.  By working with nature, you'll save time, energy, money and, most important for Texans - water.  This hands-on, 10-hour, five-class series covers the role of successful soil practices, water capture and conservation, as well as plant material selection in a sustainable, eco-friendly garden design.

2017 Master Composter Training (4 classes)

Learn how to improve your soil's health by diverting valuable garden resources from the landfill back into your landscape. The 16-hour, four-class series is a unique opportunity to gain a more in-depth understanding of the composting process and insights on sharing this knowledge with others. Residents enrolling in Master Composter training are asked to complete 20 hours of community service to advance local composting efforts. To learn more click the MASTER COMPOSTER tab above.