2013 Environmental Star of Excellence Award Winners

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  2. 2013 ESOE Winners

Environmental Star of Excellence Business Awards
Small Business - Hirsch’s Specialty Meats
Hirsch’s is a prime example of a small business making a large environmental impact with sustainable operations encompassing energy and water efficiencies and employee education.  Owner, Gary Hirsch has done a great job of educating the public and influencing others with his ongoing commitment to the environment.

Single Stream Recycling - PepsiCo
Employee environmental communications and partnering with dining service provider, Aramark, Redlee/SCS, Inc. janitorial and their facilities team resulted in PepsiCo recycling 22.8 tons of single-stream material last year.  This multi-national global company reduces its environmental footprint though a multi-partnering approach to landfill diversion.

Green Building - Rogers-O’Brien Construction
Rogers-O’Brien Construction displayed a high level of environmental commitment during the construction of the 283,000 square foot expansion project for the Ericsson headquarters campus by diverting concrete, metal and wood—resulting in an outstanding diversion rate of 70.61%.

Multi-Family Community - Cityscape at Market Center
This 454-unit community demonstrates that sustainability is as important as urban chic and luxury amenities.  These upscale apartments boast Energy-Star rated appliances, low-flow water devices, energy-efficient lighting, drought-tolerant landscaping and on-site recycling.  Cityscape at Market Center proves living green is stylish!

Environmental Commitment - Harley-Davidson Financial Services, Inc. (HDFS)
HDFS offers financing options for those who dream of riding their Harley on open roads with wind in their face.  From open roads to open hearts—the HDFS green team is driven toward environmental, social and economic sustainability which translates to hands-on contributions to environmental, non-profit and community activities.  In 2013, Harley-Davidson, Inc. launched its Renew the Ride program focused on protecting and renewing the environment for future generations of riders. The HDFS green team’s efforts cross all operational functions, positively impacting employees, our community and the planet.

Green Business Certified - The Grove School
The Grove School prepares children ages 2 to 5 for kindergarten.  It promotes a safe and clean facility focused on sustainability, conservation and natural products.  Classrooms use motion-sensor lighting; food waste is composted on-site; and natural light is used extensively. The facility boasts no-VOC paint and flooring made from recycled rubber. Children learn by example—The Grove School presents a great one.

Environmental Star of Excellence Community Awards
Community Partnership - Plano International Festival
This volunteer –managed non-profit has honed its humble litter prevention efforts in 2008 to a comprehensive zero-waste effort at its annual Plano International Festival (PIF).  The 2013 event attracted over 13,000 to Plano’s Haggard Park.  The PIF serves as a model for diversity as well as a testament for zero waste success at large-scale, public events. 

Educational Institution - Wilson Middle School
Wilson’s 40,000 square foot ‘Edible Education Garden’ contains fruit trees, vegetables and flowers.  It teaches students environmental stewardship; nature’s nuances; composting; healthy eating; the art of hard work and the heart of charitable giving; pride in campus beautification; and the impact their choices have on our environment.

Individual Youth - Aayush Goyal
As the 2013-2014 Executive Chair of Plano ISD PTSA Executive Board, Aayush initiated a recycling program at Plano East High School.  He organized the Plano Going Green Initiative allowing online registration for 15 PISD elementary schools. While participating in the ECO Teens program, this young environmental activist’s efforts resulted in city-wide park cleanups and several sustainable community projects. 

Individual Adult - Larry Howe and Robert Litwins (co-winners)
Larry and Bob initiated the Solarize Plano program in 2013 in collaboration with the City to guide residents through the confusing process of purchasing solar.  Their passion for expanding the use and understanding of this natural energy resource resulted in their donating over 1,000 volunteer hours.  Plano’s combined 300 kWh of installed photovoltaic (PV) panels increased to more than 825 kWh after the program’s first round of meetings in fall 2013. 

Environmental School Awards
Clean Campus Award - Beverly Elementary
The Beverly Elementary School Eco club is committed to a clean campus and streets. Students are encouraged to “Be the Change” through participation in cleanup events that beautify the school and being role models for others.

Outstanding Campus Beautification Award - Murphy Middle School
Murphy’s Environmental Club has an ongoing commitment to improve the school’s landscaping through incorporating drought-tolerant and native plants and edible gardens. The Environmental Club even collects compost and worm castings for use in the landscaping instead of using pesticides and fertilizers.

Outstanding Environmental Awareness Group (Elementary) - Boggess Elementary School
The Boggess Earth Team strives to educate children, teachers, parents and the community about environmentally responsible behaviors. This year the students focused on decreasing plastic consumption and reducing waste. The club members strived to use reusable containers and avoid single-use products as much as possible for their meetings. The club’s outreach efforts included participating in a school assembly, creating a mural of recycled materials, and planting Texas native plants at the school entrance.

Outstanding Environmental Awareness Group (Secondary) - Clark High School
Clark High School’s Environmental Club and PALS initiated the “Make a Pledge” project to increase environmental awareness and reduce the number of plastic bottles thrown in the trash. The students created fliers, included messages in the morning announcements and educated students on the importance of recycling in the school. The “Make a Pledge” project was a great success with more plastic bottles being recycled and more than half of the students making a pledge to make a difference in the community.