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The Animal Services Department is committed to partner with Plano’s citizens, veterinarians, and animal welfare organizations to promote responsible pet ownership and to provide outstanding animal health and welfare and human health protection services.
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Pet Registration

  1. Sign Up Your Male Cat for Nickel Neutering

    Prevent unwanted kitten litters for only 5 cents with the help of the Plano Animal Shelter. Set your male cat's appointment for Nickel Neutering on Tuesday, Feb. 28 between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. Only 100 cats are neutered during the one-day event. Read on...
  2. One of Two Elusive Dogs Has Been Safely Caught

    One of the two dogs running loose in Plano has been safely caught. Plano Animal Services became aware of the dogs in August 2016 after a jogger was bitten by the Australian Cattle Dog. The white dog remains at large. If you see it, call (972) 769-4360. Read on...
  3. Bobcat Sightings in Plano

    There has been increased concern with bobcat sightings in Plano. We wanted to answer some of our most frequently asked questions we receive at Animal Services about these particular animals that call Plano home. Read on...
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