Slow-Pitch Softball Leagues

Leagues sanctioned by the Amateur Softball Association are available for three seasons per year. These are Spring (February-May), Summer (May-July), and Fall (August-October). Leagues consist of three divisions: Men’s, Coed, and Men’s Church. Various skill levels (lowest to highest) are Recreational, A, and AA. Minimum age requirement is 15 years. 

2016 Fall Tournament Registration Form
2016 Fall Tournament Fact Sheet

2016 Fall End of Season Mens A Tournament Bracket

Roster Form 
Player Addition Form 
Sportsmanship Guidelines 
Heritage Yards at Plano - Map 
Heritage Yards at Plano - Rules 
Practice Areas and Map 
Line-Up Cards

Umpire Survey Form

ASA Approved Bats

As a result of its bat testing and certification program, the Amateur Softball Association of America (ASA)  has published a list of bats (containing an ASA certification mark) that are eligible for use in sanctioned play. Click here for approved bats. Scroll down and then click the red “go” button in the bats category, then click the red “go” button again under "display all" so you can display all approved bats or display approved bats by manufacturer. Also listed are several bats containing an ASA certification mark that are no longer eligible for use in sanctioned play. 

Softball Officiating


Want to look cool in powder blue? Join the Plano Umpires Association and learn how to officiate adult slow-pitch softball. Amateur Softball Association umpire certification classes are offered annually in February for both rookies and veterans. Minimum age is 18. Instruction includes training in field mechanics. Contact the Adult Sports Programs Office for more information.