Accessory Structures

13.900     Accessory Building Regulations

.1 General

A. Use of Accessory Building
In a residential zoning district, an accessory building may not be used for commercial
purposes and may not be rented.

B. Height and Yard Requirements
i. Where the accessory building is attached to a main building, it shall be subject
to, and must conform to, all regulations applicable to the main building except
as provided within this section.

ii. Accessory buildings shall not be erected in any required front yard.

iii. Carports and detached accessory buildings, except garages, shall not be located
closer than 3 feet to any side or rear lot line.

iv. Detached accessory buildings enclosed on 3 or more sides shall not be located
closer than 10 feet to the main building.

v. Garages entered from an alley shall be set back from the lot line adjacent to the
alley a minimum of 20 feet.

vi. Accessory buildings may not be placed in the required side yard setback if the
side yard lot line abuts a street.

vii. In no instance shall an accessory building be located within an easement or

viii. Detached accessory buildings located in a required rear or side yard shall not
exceed 10 feet in height. If the detached accessory building is located less than
10 feet from the rear or side lot line, a 6-foot solid fence or wall shall be built on
the rear or side lot line to screen the building. No screening shall be required at
the point of entry for a carport.

.3 Carports

(ZC 2004-22; Ordinance No. 2004-6-31)

A. In single-family and two-family developments, a carport shall shelter not more than
3 vehicles and shall not exceed 24 feet on its longest dimension.

B. Carports must meet all height and yard setback requirements in Sec. 13.900.1B and
are prohibited within the front yard setback. However, carports erected in the front
yard setback of single-family dwellings before April 12, 2004, are considered to be
existing nonconforming structures subject to Article 7. These carports may not be
replaced if they are removed for any reason, destroyed, or become dilapidated.