Fence Maintenance


Sec. 6-186.-Maintenance

All fences constructed under the provisions of this article shall be maintained so as to comply with the requirements of this article at all times. Such requirements include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following maintenance standards:
(1) The fence shall not be out of vertical alignment more than one (1) foot from the vertical measured at the top of the fence. Except, however, for fencing four (4) feet or less in height, the vertical alignment shall not be more than six (6) inches from the vertical measured at the top of the fence.

(2) Any and all broken, loose, damaged, insect damaged, or missing parts (i.e., slats, posts, wood rails, bricks, panels) having a combined total area of twenty (20) square feet or more of said fences shall be replaced or repaired within sixty (60) days of notification of non-compliance. Fences enclosing swimming pools or spas must be repaired immediately.
Repairs of any nature shall be made with materials of comparable composition, color, size, shape, and quality of the original fence to which the repair is being made. Products manufactured for other uses such as plywood, corrugated steel, or fiberglass panels are prohibited as fencing materials. Nothing herein shall be construed so as to prohibit the complete removal of a fence, unless such fence encloses a swimming pool or spa.

(3) No fencing material and/or supports shall be located within a street or alley right-of-way.
(Ord. No. 77-1-11, § 16, 1-24-77; Ord. No. 97-4-12, § II, 4-14-97)