Home Occupations

15.700 Home Occupations 

In all cases, home occupations shall meet the following conditions and requirements:

.1 Only one employee other than occupants of the residence may be employed. A person
who receives a wage, salary, or percentage of profits directly related to the home occupation
shall be considered an employee. This definition shall not include the coordination
or supervision of employees who do not regularly visit the house for purposes related to
the business.

.2 No interior or exterior signage shall be used to advertise the occupation. Vehicles bearing
business signs shall not be parked on the street or within 30 feet of the curb.

.3 A home occupation shall be conducted wholly within the principal dwelling and not in
any accessory building. The total floor area to be used for a home occupation shall not
exceed 20% of the total floor area of the principal dwelling, including garages. However,
instructional classes may be held outside providing other stipulations of this ordinance
are met. A maximum of 6 students may be allowed in each session.

.4 Merchandise shall not be offered or displayed for sale on the premises. Sales incidental to
a service shall be allowed, and orders previously made by telephone or at a sales party
may be filled on the premises.

.5 No outdoor storage of materials, goods, supplies, or equipment shall be allowed.

.6 No building alterations shall be allowed that alter the residential character of the home.

.7 No repair or servicing of vehicles, internal combustion engines, large equipment, or large
appliances shall be allowed.

.8 A home occupation shall produce no offensive noise, vibration, smoke, electrical interference,
dirt, odors, or heat in excess of those normally found in residential areas.

.9 No toxic, explosive, flammable, combustible, corrosive, radioactive, or other hazardous
materials shall be used or stored on the site for business purposes.

.10 No traffic shall be generated by a home occupation in greater volumes than normally expected
in a residential neighborhood, and any parking must be accommodated within the
required off-street parking for the residence or along the street frontage for the lot.