Illegal Zoning Use

14.500 Prohibited Uses

.1 All uses not expressly permitted are prohibited, except as provided in Sec. 14.400.

.2 No land or building shall be used or occupied for a use which will in any manner create
an unreasonable potential hazard to the general public, health, safety, and welfare, as, for
example, but not by way of limitation, any dangerous, injurious, noxious, or otherwise
objectionable fire, explosive, radioactive, or other hazardous conditions; noise or vibration;
smoke, dust, odor, or other form of air pollution; heat, cold, dampness, movement of
air, electrical, or other disturbances; glare; or liquid or solid wastes in a manner or
amount not conforming to the appropriate performance standards of Article 24.

.3 Without limiting the foregoing sections, or being limited thereby, the following uses are
specifically prohibited:

A. Storage, manufacturing, purifying, packaging, repackaging, selling, or supplying of
toxic or highly flammable chemicals or gases, as a primary use regardless of quantities

B. Above ground tank farms or storage of gasoline, fuel oils, gases, or chemicals, or
other flammable, corrosive, or toxic substances as a primary use or in total on site
quantities exceeding 30,000 liquid gallons or equivalent.

C. Adult bookstores, businesses showing X-rated movies or live acts, and other businesses
dealing primarily with indecent or obscene materials, acts, or paraphernalia.