Junk Vehicle

Junked Vehicle
Sec. 12-226. - Definitions.

The following definitions apply for the purposes of this division:

Antique auto means a passenger car or truck manufactured at least twenty-five (25) years ago.

Collector means an antique or special vehicle owner who, for personal use, collects, purchases, acquires,  trades, or disposes of antique or special interest vehicles, or their parts, in order to restore, preserve, and maintain an antique or special vehicle for historic interest.

Demolisher means a person with a business that converts a motor vehicle into processed scrap or scrap metal, or otherwise wrecks or dismantles motor vehicles.

Department means any city department authorized by the city manager to take action under the provisions of this division.

Junked vehicle means a self propelled vehicle, or part thereof, that:

(1)  Displays:
a. An expired or invalid license plate or registration insignia; or
(2)  Does not display:
a. A current, valid license plate or registration insignia; and
(3)  Is:
a. Wrecked, damaged, dismantled or partially dismantled, or discarded; or
b. Inoperable and has remained inoperable for more than:
1. Seventy-two (72) consecutive hours, if the vehicle is on public property; or
2. Thirty (30) consecutive days, if the vehicle is on private property.

Special interest vehicle means a motor vehicle of any age without alteration or modification from original manufacturer's specifications that, because of its historic interest, is preserved by hobbyists