Environmental Health & Sustainability

The Environmental Health Department is committed to partnering with Plano’s citizens and public health agencies to provide outstanding disease prevention and health promotion services which enhance community health in Plano.

The Environmental Health Department provides the following services:
  1. Cutting Food Waste and Maintaining Food Safety

    September is National Food Safety Education Month, a good time to think about how to reduce the enormous burden of food waste while minimizing the risks of food-borne illness. Read on...
  2. Attend the Public Input Meeting for Proposed Revisions to the Noise Ordinance

    The City of Plano is requesting comments from the public on the proposed revisions to the Noise Ordinance for the City of Plano. Two meetings for public comment have been set up for September 28 from 10-11 a.m. and again from 2-3 p.m. Read on...
  3. Ways You Can Prevent Mosquito-borne Illness

    Follow the "four D's" to help fight the bite this summer. Below you can find simple ways to protect yourself from mosquito-borne illness. Read on...
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