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  1. Yoga2

    Yoga for kids: how poses improve focus, self-confidence

    For many adults, yoga is coveted for its ability to improve one’s balance, strength and mental health. But have you ever wondered how kids might benefit from these ancient exercises? Read on...
  2. Write

    Unleash your creative mind through writing

    Cobbler. Umber. Haunt. Grumble. Raincoat. Could you write a thoughtful and descriptive story on the fly that incorporates these words? Read on...
  3. bluestem 1

    Mowing and King Ranch Bluestem Weeds

    Every year around this time, you may notice high grass on medians throughout the city. Read on...
  4. Park Blvd median project 8.24.18_3

    Median Improvements Project Update: Trees, Irrigation & Hardscapes

    Earlier this year (in mid-June, to be exact), Plano Parks and Recreation’s Urban Forestry Division began a project to replace median trees in three locations within the city. Read on...
  5. Cottonwood 2

    Cottonwood Creek trail project to include preservation, rehabilitation efforts

    Nature lovers, families, runners, cyclists, and anyone who enjoys exploring Plano’s trail system will be happy to know that a new trail connection along the Cottonwood Creek Greenbelt is underway. Read on...
  6. shutterstock_267154148
  7. angie icon 2

    Ask an Urban Forester: How can residents contribute to Plano’s tree canopy (for free)?

    Here in Plano, Angela Kralik is our Urban Forester. She receives many inquiries from residents who, like her, understand the importance of trees and care about the well-being of these living creatures. Read on...
  8. median trees_CROP

    Median Tree Replacement Project

    The City of Plano’s Parks and Recreation Department, under its Urban Forestry program, is replacing trees in medians across Plano over the next several months. Read on...
  9. Plano-01WEB
  10. big lake

    Paddling approved at Big Lake Park

    Looking for a fun nature escape right here in Plano? Grab your watercraft and head to Big Lake Park (3800 Rainier Road), where kayakers, canoers and paddle boarders can now take to the park’s namesake waterway. Read on...
  11. Plano Senior Recreation Center

    Plano Senior Recreation Center Closed for Renovations

    Attempts to keep the Plano Senior Recreation Center open during the expansion have met with unexpected challenges. Due to safety concerns, the facility closed March 1, 2018 and will remain closed until the project is complete. Read on...
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