Pet Registration

All dogs, cats, and ferrets must be registered with the City of Plano Animal Services Division as required by City Ordinance. To register your pet you need:
  • A copy of your pet's current rabies vaccination paperwork (with the vet's letterhead) from the vet showing the date of vaccination
  • Rabies tag number
  • Pets description, breed, and if your pet is spayed or neutered
How Do I Register a Pet?
Registration can be done in person at several locationsonline, or by mailing in this form. Please remember to include a copy of all required documentation and your check (made out to the City of Plano) for payment via mail at the address below:

    Plano Animal Registration 
    c/o PetData 
    PO Box 141929 
    Irving, TX 75014-1929
Pet Registration Tags
What are the Fees?
All fees are for a 12 month registration with current rabies vaccination. Any owner that applies for an annual registration 31 or more days after the expiration date of the animal's previous registration will be subject to a $10 late fee.

Type of Animal Cost of Registration
Non-Spayed / Neutered Dog / Cat $30 per animal
Spayed / Neutered Dog / Cat / Ferret $10 per animal
Replacement Tag $5 per animal
Dangerous Animal $250 per animal
Re-registration of dangerous animal if sold and/or moved within the City $50 per animal
Multi-Pet Permit (over 10 animals in single family residence, 5 in multi-family)  $15                    

The charge for a Spayed / Neutered Pet License drops to $5 if one of the following conditions are met:
  • Owner is 60 years of age or older
  • Owner can provide proof of receiving financial assistance from any government agency due to disability or low income
  • Animal is being used by a law enforcement agency
  • Animal is a certified assistance animal