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Welcome to our Informational Video page. Here you will find information and educational videos covering many topics that we hope you will find useful. Check back often as we update this video library periodically.


Crime Scene Investigation Unit Accreditation Award [2:58]
The Plano Police Department has the first CSI division in the continental United States to reach a new level of accreditation.
Published: 05/16/12

Crime Watch Award [2:05]
Plano's Police Crime Watch Program won national recognition back in 2010.
Published: 05/16/12

Department Information:

Bomb Squad Robot [2:21]
A look at Plano's new robot used to help defuse and recover explosive devices.
Published: 09/22/11

Police Chief J.B. Toler Interview [3:15]
An interview from 2008 talking with Plano's former police chief, Mr. Toler.
Published: 09/26/11

Recruiting Video [4:05]
Recruitment video for the Plano Police Department.
Published: 07/24/13

How To:

A Guide to the CrimeReports.com Website[2:24]
This is a short guide on how to use the Crime Reports.com website for Plano, Tx.
Published: 02/08/13

Online Alarm Permits [1:28]
How to fill out an alarm permit on the Plano Police Department website.
Published: 05/19/14

Online Crime Reporting [2]
You can now file police reports online if you have a crime to report but you don't need an officer to come out to take a report in person.
Published: 04/16/13

Online Crash Reports [2:22]
You can now purchase a copy of your accident report online instead of having to go to the police department. This video also explains the difference between the CR-3 and the CR-2 (Blue Form) accident report forms.
Published: 03/27/13

Memorials and Ceremonies:

Fallen Officer Dayle Weston "Wes" Hardy Memorial Ceremony [3:06]
A memorial to Officer Wes Hardy is unveiled in Plano honoring him and his sacrifice in the line of duty.
Published: 04/18/13

Fallen Officer Green W Rye Memorial Ceremony [3:14]
Marshal Green W Rye, who was killed in a bank robbery in 1920, is honored by the Plano Police Department and his descendants.
Published: 04/25/13

Programs and Services:

Crime Prevention Unit [3:01]
A look at the Plano Police Department's Crime Prevention Unit and the numerous programs and services they offer.
Published: 05/21/14

Crisis Intervention Team Program [3:32]
An explanation of the Plano PD's Crisis Intervention Teams and how they help the community.
Published: 10/19/12

Drug Take Back Initiative [1:40]
Information on the 8th Annual Drug Take Back event.
Published: 05/03/12

Drug Take Back Initiative [1:42]
This was the fourth event of this type and over 1,300 pounds of outdated prescription drugs were collected for disposal by the DEA.
Published: 05/02/14

Home Security Assessment [2:03]
The Crime Prevention Unit from the Plano Police Department gives you some ideas on how to make your home safer.
Published: 05/01/14

Tip411 - Anonymous Crime Tips [1:17]
Tip 411 allows you to submit anonymous information of the Plano Police department. If you have an actual emergency or need an immediate response then please call 911.
Published: 02/20/13

Tip411 - Anonymous Crime Tips [2:09]
 Tip 411 allows you to submit anonymous information of the Plano Police department. If you have an actual emergency or need an immediate response then please call 911.
Published: 09/24/12

Public Safety:

Common Internet Scams [2:44]
Here's a few tips on avoiding Internet scams from the Plano Police Department.
Published: 01/25/12

Distracted Driving [4:18]
The Plano Police Department wants to remind everyone out there to be safe on the road and not be a distracted driver.
Published: 04/21/14

Driver Awareness Campaign[2:37]
The Plano Police Department held part of its driver awareness campaign at a recent Cars and Coffee event in Plano.
Published: 05/08/13

"Felony Lane Gang" Vehicle Burglaries [2:18]
The Plano Police Department wants to remind everyone to remove their purses and other valuables from your car even if you're going to be away from it for just a few minutes.
Published: 06/07/13

Lock - Take - Hide [1:18]
The Plano Police Department gives tips to keep you and your property safe during your shopping outings. Take, Lock and Hide.
Published: 11/19/12

Scam Prevention [4:23]
A look at a few common scams that affect thousands of people every year and ways to avoid them.
Published: 05/21/14

Vehicle Burglary Awareness [0:34]
The Plano Police Department wants to remind everyone to hide or remove valuable items from their vehicle tp help prevent thefts.
Published: 12/18/13