What the City Does

Vector Control

Mosquitoes are controlled on public property by eliminating the breeding source, applying pesticides to stagnant water and spraying as necessary for adult mosquitoes. The Vector Control Program does not treat private property for insect or rodent problems. Map of Spray Zone

Public Information and Education

Use of press releases, brochures, websites and one-on-one consultations communicate strategies for preventing or eliminating vectors on private property.


Mosquitoes are trapped and identified to control populations.

Additional Steps

In addition to these precautions, the Environmental Health department identifies low-flow creeks within the City and works to improve flow and reduce mosquito populations in these areas. Another effective measure utilized by City staff is the application of EPA-approved larvicide in identified mosquito breeding areas.

Finally, sections of the City will be sprayed with EPA-approved adulticide. Residents should be aware spraying is only one component of an Integrated Mosquito Management Program used to control the presence of mosquitoes. Map of Spray Zone