A Neighborhood Leadership and Engagement Program

The Empower program is dedicated to partnering with neighborhood associations that seek to engage residents in their community. Active and engaged neighborhoods not only thrive but have a better sense of community that improves the quality of life for residents. This program seeks to provide resources and learning tools to emerging neighborhood leaders, while working with them to lead and implement a neighborhood project providing a community benefit. Through the hands-on collaborative project, the program hopes to help participants understand the benefits of community engagement and strengthening the sense of community. Engaged neighborhoods benefit from a healthier and positive environment where residents learn to love where they live.
The program seeks to partner with a neighborhood association to:
  • Help residents understand the benefits of community engagement
  • Provide mentorship and opportunities to share best practices among associations
  • Help emerging neighborhood leaders refine their leadership skills
  • Increase level of participation, engaging diverse groups and remaining active for long-term success
  • Help residents become well-informed and learn how to navigate the City of Plano
  • Engage residents on a collaborative neighborhood project

Current Empower Neighborhood

The new program is scheduled to begin working in the Douglass Community neighborhood.  We are kicking things off with neighborhood clean-up events mid-May and will be followed by a Neighborhood Block Party in early June!  We are working with the community for a timeline to include a series of neighborhood sessions starting in July. A neighborhood project or initiative would follow the sessions with a timeline to be determined by the residents. 

Please check back soon for more information on how to get involved in the Douglass Community efforts. Stay connected by following the Douglass Community on Facebook or checking out the Douglass Community Neighborhood Association website.

For More Information

If you have any questions, or would like more information about the Empower program, please contact a Neighborhood Planner at 972-208-8150. Para obtener más información sobre el programa Apoderar, por favor llame Esmeralda de la Cruz al 972-208-8150.