Rachio Sprinkler Controller Pilot Study

The City of Plano is embarking on a pilot study to gather information on the performance of a product intended to help residents properly set sprinkler run times and manage watering schedules.

The use of sprinklers to supplement rainfall in the hot, dry summer can help plants thrive. However, overwatering is common, as run times for various zones are often set too high. This leads to substantial water waste due to runoff.

The goal of the pilot study is to gauge the water-saving potential of a “smart” irrigation controller. The selected Rachio™ Smart Sprinkler Controller uses information about the various zones in your yard (plant type, sprinkler type, etc.) to determine run times and properly set cycle and soak watering. Plus, with the power of Wi-Fi to capture real-time, local weather information, the controller knows how much water is needed on your watering day, if any.

As of July 5, 2016 the call for participants has ended. Selected participants will be notified by July 15. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Katie Masucci by email or at (972) 769-4216.