Heritage Preservation

Potential Historic Assets Survey

In preparation of the 2018 Heritage Preservation Plan Update, the City of Plano has conducted citywide surveys of structures built pre-1960 and city blocks/subdivisions constructed between 1960-1969. The surveys are intended to identify, research, and review properties/structures that may qualify for inclusion into the city's list of potential heritage resources.

What is the purpose of the survey? How is it conducted?

The survey is intended to document and photograph architectural characteristics of the structure and significant site/landscape features. Only exterior features visible form the street or sidewalk will be included as part of the survey. This does not include the interior of the building or any portion of the building's exterior which cannot be viewed from the street or sidewalk. 

What happens after the survey is completed?

Following the survey, staff will evaluate, identify, and recommend a prioritized list of surveyed properties/structures to be considered for possible inclusion on the Potential Heritage Resources list. Staff will contact the property owners which are recommended to be listed on the Potential Heritage Resources list to provide more information about the city's heritage preservation program and its benefits. Inclusion on the list of Potential Heritage Resources is informational only and does not subject the listed property to any architectural review by the Heritage Commission