Heritage Preservation

Review of Potential Historic Assets
In preparation of the 2016-2017 Preservation Plan Update, the City of Plano Heritage Commission is conducting citywide surveys of Pre-1960 structures in order to research and review properties/structures for potential inclusion into the Preservation Plan. 

Preservation Plan

The current Preservation Plan was updated in 2011 and serves as the “guiding document for the city’s Heritage Preservation Program and related activities.” It functions in conjunction with documents such as the Comprehensive Plan, Zoning Ordinance, the Building Code, Preservation Ordinance, and Preservation Tax Exemption Ordinance. The city's Comprehensive Plan requires the Preservation Plan to be updated every five years. 

The Preservation Plan identifies heritage resources and potential heritage resources which should be reviewed by the Heritage Commission. Structures which are added to the Preservation Plan as heritage resources or potential heritage resources require the Heritage Commission's review prior to demolition. 

I received a letter from the city about this project. What does this mean? 

On July 11, 2016 letters were mailed to property owners of residential and non-residential structures which were constructed prior to 1960. These letters indicate that a Heritage Commission member or city staff member will be surveying your property as part of the Review of Potential Historic Assets. The survey is intended to document architectural characteristics of the structure and significant site/landscape features. Only exterior features seen from the city's right-of-way (sidewalks, street) will be included as part of this survey. This does not include the interior of the building or any portion of the building's exterior which cannot be viewed from the sidewalk or street. Photos will also be taken of the structures as part of this survey. The survey forms which will be used by the Heritage Commissioners are provided below.  

Who are Heritage Commissioners? 

Heritage Commissioners are Plano citizens who have been appointed by City Council to review and protect Plano's heritage resources. The Heritage Commissioners will be wearing distinguishable Plano t-shirts with white binders during their survey work. 

What happens after the survey is completed?

Over the next several months, the Heritage Commission will be reviewing the completed structure surveys. The data collected from these surveys will assist the Commission and staff in evaluating the architectural/historical significance of the structure. Staff will contact property owners of properties which are recommended as potential heritage resources to provide more information about the heritage program and the benefits for designation. Staff and the Heritage Commission will require the property owner's consent to move forward with heritage designation or pre-designation.

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