Environmental Star of Excellence Business Awards

ECA 2017

Environmental Community Awards Celebration

The annual Environmental Community Awards Celebration recognizes outstanding environmental leadership and achievement by honoring businesses, non-profits, schools, and individuals with the Environmental Star of Excellence (ESOE) award.

Environmental Star of Excellence Business Awards

The Environmental Star of Excellence (ESOE) Business Awards are designed to recognize businesses and properties that demonstrate outstanding environmental leadership and achievement within the Plano community. The ESOE Business Awards support businesses and properties that approach sustainability through decision-making which integrates environmental and social concerns into business and economic decisions.

Businesses may apply for the ESOE Business Awards in one of five categories. Applications must focus on new or on-going projects with new elements or ideas completed between May 2016 and May 2017.

Environmental Commitment - Recognizes a company’s commitment in implementing an environmental initiative that goes beyond impacting its immediate organization

Green Building - Recognizes a building or facility that incorporates significant sustainable features or a construction or demolition project resulting in a high diversion rate

Small Business - Recognizes a company with 25 or less full-time employees which exhibits sustainable practices

Multi-Family - Recognizes a multi-family property which offers environmentally friendly options to residents

Green Business Certified - Recognizes a business certified by the City of Plano that has a commitment to our community and environment

Deadline for submitting applications was August 1, 2017.

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2017 Environmental Star of Excellence Business Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 Environmental Star of Excellence Awards. These businesses were honored September 20 during the annual Environmental Community Awards luncheon.

  • Green Building: Austin Commercial
    Sustainability has been the driving force in the construction of the Toyota North American headquarters since its inception. Austin Commercial was the first construction company in Plano to co-mingle Construction and Demolition (C&D) debris and first to recycle onsite food waste. Results? 13,322 tons of C&D debris from May 2016 to May 2017 and a combined 99% diversion rate.
  • Small Business: Axium Solar
    Axium is a solar contractor that heats or cools 3,984 square feet of its administrative offices with 25kW of solar energy. Axium believes in credentials, conservation, commitment and community. Axium participated in Plano’s 2017 Great American Cleanup, providing solar-powered phone charging stations. They frequently introduce communities to the benefits of reducing reliance on fossil fuels.
  • Emerald Award: Harley-Davidson Financial Services
    The finance arm for Harley-Davidson dealerships has a vibrant green team focused on employee environmental education and community engagement. The team is innovative in educating associates and others in sustainability. In April 2015, the green team initiated a Green Business Roundtable-an exchange of best green practices and information sharing for Plano’s certified green businesses. Green Business Roundtables continue to be held quarterly.
  • Environmental Commitment: Pepsico - Parkwood
    PepsiCo’s comprehensive sustainability programs are part of its DNA and engage all associates, impact sourcing and vendors, and involve continuous employee education and improvements. Two projects stood out this year. RENEW diverted 306 tons of furniture from the landfill. Eco-Week raised awareness about solar energy, organics recycling and included in-house swap shops, a Goodwill donation drive, electronics recycling and children’s book drive.
  • Multi-family: La Costa Apartments
    This 462-unit apartment home community exhibits a serious commitment to sustainability. Energy cost-saving improvements include installing an Energy Star Certified roof and LED lights in exterior and common areas. Resident homes have Energy Star appliances and low-flow shower heads. Drought-tolerant plants along with decomposed granite and mulch were installed to reduce water usage.
  • Green Business Certified (GBC): The Hope Center
    This facility was built to LEED Silver standards. With an active green team and support from upper management, sustainable purchasing was increased and LED lighting installed. An energy management system, low-flow toilets, drought-tolerant landscaping and single-stream recycling are among its green initiatives. The Hope Center’s green team hosted a Texas Recycles Day event and improved its green purchasing policy as well.