Limited Repairs

Limited Repairs are for essential repairs to revitalize the neighborhood, stop further deterioration of the home and improve energy efficiency.  These repairs are offered in the form of partially forgivable loans at competitive terms and rates.
​Not all of your repair requests are eligible and the program does not cover remodeling of the residence.  Remodeling is defined as improvements, renovations and redesigning, or altering living or work space that is made for aesthetic reasons and/or do not improve the safety and security of the occupants, structural integrity of the unit, and/or meet the Housing Rehabilitation Program goals and objectives.  The program assists homeowners in bringing their qualified dwellings to an acceptable standard, and enhancing and revitalizing neighborhoods within the City of Plano.
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Who is eligible?

All applicants must be income eligible and:
  • the title of the property must be in the name of the applicant (s);
  • mortgage payment, property taxes and homeowner's insurance must be current;
  • not be delinquent on any federal debts;
  • be a permanent legal resident or U.S. citizen;
  • occupy the property as a primary residence;
  • all qualified retirement plans, other non-retirement accounts and financial assets must not exceed $100,000, liquid asset cannot exceed $50,000;
  • have not exhausted the lifetime program caps of:
    (1)  $45,000 of combined housing rehabilitation assistance (i.e. total funding provided for limited repair projects AND/OR emergency assistance); or
    (2)  One reconstruction project; and
  • meet other underwriting parameters per program requirements

 HUD Income Limits 2019

 Household Size Maximum Household Income
 1  $46,550
 2  $53,200
 3  $59,850
 4  $66,500
 5  $71,850
 6  $77,850
 7  $82,500
 8  $87,800

Underwriting Process

Approval for the assistance hinges on several factors that include, but are not limited to:
  • The household's financial situation, credit worthiness and existing debt
  • The property's value, required improvements and existing liens

What should I do if I am Interested in Participating?

All household member (s), who are 18 years and older,  must complete the limited repair application (owner and non-owner) along with residence verification forms and provide supporting documents as listed on the last page of the application prior to submitting the application. Click here to download the application.

We encourage you to contact a Housing and Community Development Coordinator by calling 972-208-8150 prior to submitting an application. A face-to-face interview is required and may last up to two hours.