Downtown Plano Public Improvement District

2017 Public Improvement District (PID) Report

Public Improvement Districts (PID) serve as economic development tools that help revitalize an area, and continue the momentum gained through economic investment.  Within the Downtown Plano PID, it is another way to carryout special events and festivals, and improve landscaping and beautification efforts within public rights-of-way. 

The Plano City Council established the Downtown Plano PID in 2014.  It was created to help increase public improvements and the number of opportunities attracting people to Downtown.  Beautification projects on 15th Street; special events occurring throughout the year like SteinFest, Plano ArtFest, Plano Art & Wine Walk, Night Out on 15th and the Movies in the Park series; and advertising and marketing that promote Downtown are all made possible by the PID assessment.  See the 2017 PID Report to learn more about PID events and progress.  

The Downtown PID consists of an Advisory Board made up of all property owners in the PID.  The Advisory Board then elects eight (8) members to serve on the Executive Committee.  Three of the eight members are automatically owners, or owners’ representatives, of the three properties with the greatest assessed property values.  The Board also elects a Management Committee for managing programs and services, and overseeing expenditures.

In 2016, the committee agreed to focus efforts on the following goals:

  • Draw attention to the Downtown Plano Arts District;
  • Increase revenue for Downtown businesses; and,
  • Support the arts with programming and financial assistance.

When the Downtown Plano PID was initially established, it was implemented as a three-year trial period requiring Council to annually review funding and the assessment levied on PID property owners.  The annual review resulted in a public hearing, inviting all PID property owners to attend and participate.  Each year, Council approved the PID unanimously.

December 2017 marks the end of that three year period.  In order for the PID to be extended, at least 60% of the PID property owners must agree and return petition ballots supporting an extension.  The Historic Downtown Plano Association (HDPA) will lead this effort with the property owners.