Plano Fire-Rescue Candidate Interest Card

If you are interested in a career with Plano Fire-Rescue, please take a minute and fill out our Candidate Interest Card. This is not an actual application, but it lets Fire-Rescue send you important information about upcoming hiring processes.

Plano Fire-Rescue is a progressive organization delivering a wide variety of emergency and non-emergency services. Emergency services include:
  • Fire suppression
  • Advanced life support medical treatment and patient transportation
  • Specialized rescue operations
  • Hazardous material incident mitigation
  • Response to weather-related emergencies
Primary non-emergency services include:
  • Fire prevention inspections,
  • Public fire safety education programs,
  • Public CPR classes,
  • Support of numerous community events


For specific information relating to any disqualifier or your personal situation, contact Plano Fire-Rescue's Administrative Services Section at (972) 941-7186

If you have any questions concerning employment, please contact Captain Brian Kanzaki at briank@plano.gov or 972-941-7295.