Administrative and Support Services Volunteers in Plano

Why do volunteers make this commitment?

Volunteers enjoy learning new skills, great working conditions, friendly staff, challenging assignments, and meeting new people.

What kind of volunteer opportunities are available?

Administrative and clerical volunteers lend a hand in various departments such as Engineering, Building Inspections, Fire, Public Works, Police, and Environmental Services. Tasks range from data entry, scanning large and small documents into a computer, filing, indexing, research, and database design. Individuals also help with web design, graphic arts, writing and special projects.

Individuals can maintain job skills or share their expertise. Shifts are scheduled during normal business hours. Evening and weekend opportunities are not available at this time. This could also be a great opportunity for college students to gain knowledge of their career paths.

If you are interested in volunteering in an administrative role, start the process by completing the online registration. After you register, we will contact you to set up an interview. For more information, email Corina Sadler or call 972-941-7617.