Proof of Insurance
If you were issued a citation for failure to maintain financial responsibility (auto insurance) and you in fact were covered by an insurance policy at the time the citation was issued, you may present proof to have your citation dismissed. The proof must indicate the following six items:
  • The name, address, and telephone number of the insurer
  • The insurance policy number
  • The policy period (the effective and expiration date)
  • The name and address of each insured
  • The policy limits or a statement that coverage complies with the minimum amounts of liability insurance required
  • The make and model of each covered vehicle
If your proof does not reflect all six requirements, your proof will not be accepted by the court. You will have to obtain a new card from your insurance carrier reflecting the necessary requirements or obtain a letter from your insurance carrier (on their company letterhead) stating each of the requirements that are not indicated on your insurance card. You must present the new card or the letter at the Court Clerk's Office on or before 15 calendar days from the date your citation was issued.

Vehicles Other Than Your Own
If you were operating a car other than your own, you also must obtain a letter from the owner stating the owner granted you permission to operate the vehicle and proof that the vehicle was covered.

You will be required to sign an affidavit stating that the proof submitted to the court was valid on the date and time of the traffic stop. The submitted proof will be sent to our insurance verification vendor. If the insurance proof cannot be verified as valid, you will have 15 days to appear in person to post a cash bond for a court date, request deferred disposition, or to enter a plea. Upon entering a plea of "guilty" or "no contest", the judge will enter a judgment of guilt with the fine and state costs due immediately.

Download an Insurance Affidavit