Public Education

Susan Rodriquez teaching Plano youth9-1-1 Education
"Emergency 9-1-1" can be seen displayed on all Police, Fire, and Ambulance vehicles to indicate that 9-1-1 has been the dedicated universal emergency telephone number in the United States since 1968. The City of Plano began its utilization in 1987, and has since incorporated numerous technological advances designed to assist emergency personnel in locating 9-1-1.

It is the goal of Plano Public Safely Communications to ensure that anybody with a Police, Fire, or Medical emergency knows how to obtain such assistance quickly and has therefore created the following free educational and assistance programs:

911 Disptach tourOther Programs
9-1-1 Dispatch Tours
The department also offers tours of our state-of-the-art dispatch center which can be scheduled in advance for groups of any size. These guided tours will give insight into the operations and importance of the Public Safety Communications department.

Special Events
Public Safety Communications personnel are ready and able to staff booths, display educational materials, and/or use our 9-1-1 Simulator at community events such as block parties, safety and health fairs, children's events, or other similar events.

Speaking Engagements
Feel like your students or community group could benefit from a 9-1-1 presentation? PSC personnel are available to speak on topics that include "When to Call 911," "Cellular Phones and 9-1-1," and "What All 9-1-1 Operators Want to Know," just to name a few.

Additional Information
Please feel free to email our PSC Public Information Coordinator Susan Rodriquez, or call her at (972) 941-7943 for scheduling and any additional information.

Susan is responsible for developing and providing 9-1-1 Education for the people who live and work in Plano. By providing this education it helps the 9-1-1 center to provide the best possible service to its callers.