Bulk Trash Collection

Bulk Trash Collection

The Environmental Waste Services Division provides a bulky waste collection each month for items too large to fit in the 68-gallon and 95-gallon garbage cart. Materials which can be included in bulky waste:

Item Details
All items too large for regular cart collection Broken furniture, mattresses and box springs, lawn chairs or equipment, BBQ grills (excluding propane tanks), children’s swings
  • Stoves, washers, dryers, water heaters, microwaves, etc.will be picked up and recycled.
  • Refrigerators, freezers and any appliance containing Freon or chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) need to be scheduled separately at a $25 environmental fee. Residents must call Customer Service at 972-769-4150 to schedule a pickup.
Dirt, rock, tile, or concrete Must be containerized inside manageable containers weighing less than 50 pounds each and no more than 10% of the total amount / volume of materials being collected
Household building / construction / remodeling materials
  • Project must be completed by resident and materials arranged in a manageable pile.
  • Sheetrock, tile, countertops (maximum of four-foot sections), cabinets (maximum of four-foot sections), toilets, and bundled / rolled carpet (maximum of 50 pounds and four-foot sections)
  • Unmanageable piles or piles exceeding bulky waste criteria will need to schedule a Special Paid Collection. Call Customer Service at 972-769-4150 to schedule a Special Paid Collection.
Painted / stained wood and/or fence sections Cut into pieces with a maximum size of 6' x 4' x 4' (six foot long by four foot wide and stacked no higher than four feet). Unpainted fence sections will be collected by yard trimming crew.

NOTE:  Tires are not included in Bulky Waste Collection. Please call Customer Service at 972-769-4150 to arrange a free collection.

Bulky Waste Collection Criteria

  • Each household is assigned a specific collection day. View the map or call Customer Service at 972-769-4150 to determine your collection day.
  • Brush and yard trimmings are excluded from the monthly bulky waste collection. If you need to have yard trimmings collected apart from your regular weekly yard trimming collection, please call Customer Service at 972-769-4150 to schedule a Special Paid Collection.
  • All mixed piles of acceptable items have to be arranged in manageable piles.
  • Place large items adjacent to your collection point by 7 a.m. on scheduled bulky waste collection and no more than five days prior to the designated scheduled collection day.
  • Place items at least two feet from garbage and recycling containers.
  • Label as bulky waste any items that may not appear obvious for bulky waste collection.
  • For safety purposes, either remove refrigerator doors or tape or tie shut.

Donation Options

In lieu of disposing of usable goods or clothing through the bulky waste collection, consider a charitable donation. Several area organizations accept donations of household items, small electronics, toys, clothing, etc. Call your favorite charitable organization or community group or see a list of organizations that accept donated usable goods.