Plano’s CERT Personnel Assignments and Deployments

There are several potential tasks and assignments throughout each year that a Plano trained CERT member may be able to participate in. Obviously, utilization of CERT personnel after a disaster situation has occurred within the City of Plano is the primary purpose for this special training program. Typical post-disaster assignments and deployments at actual emergency scenes that CERT members are trained to perform can include; 

  • Disaster Scene Access Control
  • Traffic Management
  • Damaged Area Neighborhood Assessment
  • Light Search and Rescue
  • Search for Missing Persons
  • Debris Removal

Behind the scenes, there are also many potential assignments that trained CERT members may be asked to perform include;

  • Emergency Shelter Management Assistance
  • Donations Management
  • Emergency Operations Center Functions

In addition, CERT alumni have the opportunity to participate in several other ‘routine’ events throughout the year that the City of Plano is involved in. These assignments can include activities such as;

  • Conducting Disaster Preparedness Public Education Programs at Community Events
  • Assisting Police and Fire personnel at Special Events such as the annual Balloon Festival, music concerts, and other large, public gatherings held within the City.
  • Participate in Severe Weather Spotting
  • Participate as a simulated victim in Mock Disaster Exercises held throughout the North Texas region