Animal Shelter Volunteer Opportunities

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Beth Felker
By Amy Sandling Crawford, Plano Profile

Beth Felker knows that it's a little unusual to have a "kitten superhighway" in the spare bedroom of her home. But when you have a big love for animals and open your house as a foster home for City of Plano Animal Services, you are willing to do unusual things to provide comfort and care to a variety of furry friends.

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Foster Volunteers

The Animal Shelter is always looking for foster volunteers. Please see the information below, and contact Corina Sadler at 972-941-7617 if you are interested in fostering animals in your home. 

A foster parent provides a temporary home for kittens, puppies, dogs, or cats to address a temporary medical or mild behavioral issue prior to the animal being placed up for adoption. The devotion, care, and socialization given during this time greatly increases the animal’s chance to be adopted by a loving home. Training is provided. No previous experience is required.

Types of Animals That May Need Fostering
  • Nursing mom with babies (cat and kittens or dog with puppies)
  • Orphaned kittens or puppies weaned and unweaned
  • Adult dogs or cats with medical or mild behavior issues
Foster Volunteer Requirements
  • Must be a resident of Plano or live within 30 miles of 4028 West Plano Parkway
  • Must be at least 21 years of age
  • Resident animals must be vaccinated (must provide documentation)
  • If a Plano citizen, resident animals must be registered with the City
  • Must have written approval from landlord if renting
  • All adults in the residence must sign foster agreement
  • Must agree to an initial in-home inspection and random drop-in visits at any reasonable hour