Great American Cleanup April 8

Great American Cleanup | April 8, 2017 

Plano’s 2017 Great American Cleanup will take place on Saturday, April 8. Mark your calendar now and plan to join us for Plano’s annual citywide litter cleanup! Last year we had more than 1,800 volunteers participate and collected 734 bags of litter, weighing nearly 6 tons! Registration begins on Wednesday, March 1. 
City-wide Cleanup 9 -11 a.m.
Volunteer Celebration at Chase Oaks Church Parking Lot 11 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
GAC 2016 Infographic Image
  1. Contest & Award Winners

Litter Oddities Contest Winners

1st Place Winner: 

Kate Kinsman - Hobby Lobby shopping cart found at Gulledge Elementary Creek
Prize: Go Ape Treetop Adventure Course gift certificate for use at Oak Point Park & Nature Preserve ($60 value)

                                                        Litter Oddities 1st Place                                                         

2nd Place Winner:

Laura Roach - Floating metal bowl filled with wheat and a rose" found at Bob Woodruff Park
Prize: $25 Whole Foods gift card
                                                                                      Litter Oddities 2nd Place                                                                                  

3rd Place Winner:

Yeva Hacker - Dragon statue found at Chisholm Trail Creek
Prize: $15 Bahama Buck's gift card
                                                                               Litter Oddities 3rd Place                                                                            

Beach-Themed Winner:

Susan Romero - Great Barrier Reef found at Eldorado Park
Go Ape Treetop Adventure Course gift certificate for use at Oak Point Park & Nature Preserve ($60 value) 
                                                                              Litter Oddities Beach-Themed                                                                                 

Great American Cleanup Awards

 GAC Award Winner (Group Name) Metrics 
Most Litter Collected by a Group (total number of bags)  Country Place HOA  45 bags
Most Litter Collected by a Group (average number of bags/person)  Yauger Life  3.2 bags/person
Largest Volunteer Group  Navigant Cymetrix  81 volunteers
Largest Family Group  Family All-Stars  12 volunteers
Largest Scout Group  Boy Scout Troop 25  75 volunteers
Largest Corporate Group  Navigant Cymetrix  81 volunteers
Largest School Group  Saigling Elementary 35 volunteers
Largest Neighborhood Group  Cross Creek Neighbors 36 volunteers
Creek Cleanup Competition
Harrington vs. Coyote Creek
Coyote Creek Park group led by Adam Johnson  70 bags