Homeowners' Associations, Neighborhood Associations, and Crime Watch Groups

What is a Homeowners Association?

A homeowners association (HOA), unlike a neighborhood association (NA), is a formal legal entity created to maintain common areas and enforce private deed restrictions and covenants.
  • Membership is mandatory for all property owners within the boundaries of the association.
  • Members are required to pay established maintenance and carrying fees.
  • Homeowners associations have the legal authority to enact and enforce maintenance and design standards above and beyond those required by City ordinance.
Homeowners associations are corporations with formal bylaws and a governing board. Typically homeowners associations hire a property management company to handle maintenance and enforcement issues.

Neighborhood Registration

Click here to Register your HOA or NA with the City of Plano, and have your neighborhood added to the Neighborhood Directory. Use the same link to update your neighborhood's contact information. Please allow 2 business days for your registration to appear online.

The City of Plano maintains an online contact database as a courtesy for all mandatory and voluntary homeowners associations (HOAs) and neighborhood associations (NAs) in Plano. Associations must submit the information they wish to be made available to the public through this registration tool and the information is displayed through a public interactive map and database system.

Neighborhood Directory
here to view the Neighborhood Directory.

The information provided will be made available to City departments for official business activities, such as notifications for zoning requests, development activity, and community improvement projects. The contact database is also used by potential homebuyers, realtors, management companies, title companies, insurance companies, and residents in need of neighborhood contact information.

Registration is required to qualify for the following programs and services offered by the Neighborhood Services Department, including the Pop-Up Party Trailer and Neighborhood Vitality and Beautification Grant Program.

In order to be eligible for these programs and services, you must provide at least the following information
  • Name of Association
  • Name of contact person
  • Phone number OR email address of contact person
  • Boundaries of the neighborhood

Additional Information

For more information, please contact a BEST Neighborhoods Planner at (972) 208-8150.