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Feb 22


Posted to Animal Services Successful Adoptions by Regina Ryan

Hannah was a VIP dog, rescued from another shelter to the Plano Shelter. We saw her soon after the clear the shelter weekend, and thought surely this lovely dog would be adopted by a large family. When I saw her featured in the paper still available weeks later, I tore out the ad and told my husband I want this dog and he agreed to go look at her again. She was rowdy and very excitable at the Shelter, but I felt with her hound and Lab heritage she would calm down and we would have a very happy life together, which beautifully has been each day. She had severe separation anxiety and still hasn't left my side since the first day she came home.But patience and constant assurance and training has given her the confidence she needed. We truly rescued each other, can't imagine a better companion.

Hannah Resized
Mar 23

I’M BACK! Even though I never left….. ;)

Posted to The Bug Blog by Regina Ryan

A new mosquito season is upon us. We have been active here in the Environmental Health Department working on mosquito related activities. We are now essentially operating year round to review, plan and act at a moment’s notice to keep mosquito populations at bay and keep Plano safe from West Nile virus, as well as new emerging diseases such as Dengue and Chikungunya. We are prepared to trap for the mosquitos that could transmit these viruses, but we need your help! This year we have already begun larviciding as well as seeding areas in Plano with Gambusia minnows (mosquitofish) to combat mosquito larvae before they can emerge as adults.

Habitat reduction is a major key to controlling mosquito populations. It is much easier too because mosquitoes spend nearly 10 days in stagnant water before maturing into adults. By eliminating (DRAIN) areas of stagnant water around your home you can have a great impact in not only making your yard safer this summer, but your neighbors as well.

Repellent is another major key to keeping yourself healthy this summer. During the summer of 2012 when West Nile was the worst that the Dallas-Ft. Worth area had seen, most of the people interviewed that contracted the West Nile virus stated that they had not been wearing repellent. Always make sure to DEFEND yourself while you are outdoors in the evening/early (DUSK/DAWN) morning and DRESS to minimize skin exposure to potential mosquito activity.

Always remember your 4 D’s: DEFEND, DRESS, DUSK/DAWN, DRAIN

If you have any questions about the City of Plano’s integrated mosquito management plan, concerns for mosquitoes in your area or would like to know more, please check out .