Posted on: January 20, 2017

One of Two Elusive Dogs Has Been Safely Caught

One of the two dogs running loose in Plano has been safely caught. Plano Animal Services became aware of the dogs in August 2016 after a jogger was bitten by the Australian Cattle Dog. The white dog remains at large. If you see it, call (972) 769-4360.

The jogger’s description of the dogs, along with new sightings and bite incidents, led to a review of records finding 8 possible bite incidents involving these dogs since May 22, 2016.

It has became clear the dogs were most likely dumped within the c...

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Posted on: February 8, 2016

Bobcat Sightings in Plano

There has been increased concern with bobcat sightings in Plano. We wanted to answer some of our most frequently asked questions we receive at Animal Services about these particular animals that call Plano home.

• Bobcats have never injured a single person in Plano’s history. Even children are too big to be considered a meal as the bobcats in this area hunt only animals that are rabbit sized or smaller.

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