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Add an Event to a Calendar

  1. Arts, organization or business producing the event

  2. Recurring Event?

  3. Is event located in Downtown Plano?

  4. Is the event occurring at the Courtyard Theater or Cox Playhouse?*

  5. Must be landscape oriented. Ideal images will be 12"H x 28"W Low resolution or low quality images will not be displayed. Failure to submit this item will result in your event not being displayed.

  6. This graphic cannot be a show poster. Very little text will be allowed, aside from items such as: producing company, title of show. Show times/dates should not be included. Low quality images or images that contain too much text will not be included. This graphic must either be square or "landscape" oriented. No "portrait" oriented graphics will be used. Failure to submit appropriate materials for this item will result in your event being omitted from the newsletter.

  7. If you have not submitted a logo already, please submit a high quality, high resolution version of your organization's logo.

  8. If you have any questions or would like to send a picture to accompany your event, please email

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