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1. What is Plano's total operating budget?
2. How can I learn more about the budget and finance process at the City of Plano?
3. What is Plano's total General Fund Budget?
4. What is Plano's current Ad Valorem tax rate? Break down by funds.
5. What is Ad Valorem?
6. What is the Sales Tax rate in Plano?
7. What portion of the Sales Tax does the City of Plano receive?
8. What is the Operating Budget?
9. How is the Community Investment Program (CIP) developed and financed?
10. What are General Obligation Bonds?
11. What is an Enterprise Fund?
12. What is an Internal Service Fund?
13. What is Capital Outlay?
14. What is the City of Plano's fiscal year?
15. Where can I get a copy of City of Plano budget?