Teen Court Attorney Description


Applicant must be 15 - 18years of age and be able to demonstrate an ability to treat each case individually, with objectivity and without prejudice. Must have an ability to communicate, work in a group, and be able to maintain confidentiality of all cases. Must have served as a teen court justice at least twice.


After successful completion of training, the teen attorney will either represent the state's interest (prosecuting counsel) or the defendant (defense counsel).

Job Functions - Defense / Prosecuting Counsel

  • Arrives early, by 5:30 p.m., on court night to review paperwork.
  • Meets personally with each defendant prior to court (defense counsel only).
  • Presents either state's or defendant's case to judge and jury with opening statement, direct examination, cross examination, and closing arguments.
  • Recommends appropriate sentence to judge and jury.
  • Informs co-counsel and coordinator before court date if unable to attend a scheduled court date.


Training sessions are held once a year. These sessions cover legal skills focusing on interviewing techniques, the juvenile justice system, and the trial process. Ongoing feedback is provided by the municipal court judges and the Plano teen court coordinator.

Time Required

A minimum of 2 evenings a month

Length of Commitment

At least 12 months