The Facility

photo of desk cubicle area within 9-1-1 call center

Dispatch Center

The Public Safety Communications (PSC) Dispatch Center is a secure environment strategically located underground at City Hall. In 1991 the separate dispatch operations for the Fire and Police departments were combined to a single 911 answering point in order to provide a high degree of coordinated response to emergencies. This technologically advanced center has the ability to instantly generate and run on its own power in case of an outage without any disturbance to the radio or computer systems.

Some agencies use a method of dispatching where the call-taker is the same person to dispatch a call to the responding units. This facility has allowed Plano to separate the tasks among communications personnel who can operate 4 different specific functions throughout the shift: Call-taking, Police dispatching, Fire / EMS dispatching, and National Crime Information Center (NCIC) operations. This enables calls to be dispatched much more quickly, allows the call-taker to provide continual and specific directions until responders arrive, and provides for better safety of those responding units.

PSC also maintains an Emergency Dispatch Center in a remote location with sufficient dispatching equipment in case it becomes necessary to evacuate the municipal center.