Support Services

The Support Services division, headed by Assistant Chief Jeff Moberley, consists of the Administrative Services, Fire Prevention and Logistics sections.

Administrative Services

The Administrative Services section is responsible for all personnel-related administrative activities, including recruiting, civil service administration, payroll, workers' compensation coordination, and record retention. Additional responsibilities include Open Records dissemination, HIPPA compliance and preparation of the annual budget. The Community Outreach & Education Office, which also handles Public Information Officer (PIO) duties, falls under Administrative Services.

Fire Prevention

Fire Prevention, headed by Deputy Chief/Fire Marshal Chris Vike, is responsible for applying and enforcing the International Fire Code as adopted by the City of Plano. Duties include the areas of enforcement, engineering, and investigations. These responsibilities are carried out by thirteen uniformed personnel and two senior administrative assistants.


The Logistics section, headed by Deputy Chief Matt Higginbotham, supports all areas of Plano Fire-Rescue in providing the physical resources and necessary maintenance and testing of equipment, vehicles, and facilities.