Local Rabies Control Incidents

Report Animal Related Injuries

Each year in Plano, there are over 500 reported cases of people being injured by domestic pets and the actual number is much higher. Through the enforcement of state and local laws, the Animal Services Division works diligently with responsible pet owners to prevent animal bites and scratches to humans. Hundreds of people are injured each year by at-large pets; many are children who see a stray animal and approach it in an effort to provide help. This is just one of the reasons Animal Services enforces the containment provisions of Plano’s ordinances as strictly as possible and why all children should be taught never to approach any animal they do not know. This site is geared towards informing the public as to the procedures that are followed when a bite occurs and what actions must be taken to insure that the animal does not have a communicable disease.

Report Animal Related Injuries

ALL instances of animals injuring a human are required by Section 826.041 of the Texas Health and Safety Code to be reported to the Local Rabies Control Authority of the county or municipality in which the person lives, in which the animal is located, or in which the exposure occurs. Plano Animal Services is the Local Rabies Control Authority for the City of Plano and as such is responsible for enforcing the state’s requirements for rabies control.

When an animal causes an injury to a person that is capable of allowing the rabies virus to be transmitted, the animal must be placed in quarantine for a period of ten (10) days or two hundred forty (240) hours from the time of the bite or scratch in accordance with the Texas Administrative Code. If the animal cannot be quarantined, it can be tested for rabies but most owners do not choose this route as the only state-approved testing procedure will result in the death of the animal.

Rabies Quarantine

Quarantine can be done in either a state-approved quarantine facility or at the owner’s home in certain situations and provided that all state and local requirements are met. All licensed veterinary clinics and the Plano Animal Shelter are state-approved quarantine facilities. Plano Animal Services recommend that the quarantine be done at the veterinary clinic of the owner’s choosing to protect their pet’s health. Animals taken into any animal shelter risk being exposed to illness from the animals that are picked up at-large in the city.

If you have been injured by an animal, or know someone who was, please call Animal Services immediately at 972-769-4360. If the victim needs immediate medical attention, dial 911 and be certain to inform the call taker that an animal is the cause of the injuries. Be sure that the animal has either left the area or is properly contained so that no one else is injured. If possible, note where the animal was last seen and what direction it was headed or let the first responders know where the animal lives.

If you have any questions about animal bites/scratches or the quarantine process, please call Animal Services at 972-769-4360.