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When do I need a permit?

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Top 10 Incorrect Items- Commercial Plan Review

  1. Application information sheet (located on backside of application form) is not fully and correctly filled out.
  2. Application does not have asbestos survey information and TAS EAB number.
  3. Application does not have General Contractor or Sub-Contractors listed (ok to apply for permit with this missing information; however, must have this information at time of permit pick up)
  4. Application does not have fully and correctly filled out Backflow Information Sheet.
  5. Construction Documents (CD) are submitted for city review with unacceptable notations that states "Not for Construction", "Bid Set" or "Pricing Set.” Also, CD’s are submitted and are not scaled or dimensioned appropriately.
  6. Architect’s seals missing signatures and dates.
  7. Engineer’s seals missing signatures and dates.
  8. Architect and/or Engineer seals are not from the State of Texas.
  9. Restroom floors are VCT instead of required ceramic or quarry tiles.
  10. Documents have wrong code year references.

Top 10 Incorrect Items- Residential Plan Review 

  1. New Homes and Remodels: Documents have wrong code year references.
  2. New Homes: No designation of options (game room, study, etc…) to be use and no square feet of options noted.
  3. New Homes: Discrepancy of overall house dimensions (width and depth of house) on foundation plans, plot plan and 1st floor plans.
  4. New Homes: Missing 2nd Floor framing plans.
  5. New Homes: Missing full legal description, project phase number on plot plans, foundation plans, and engineer’s letter.
  6. New Homes: Missing legal description on foundation detail sheet (typically 2nd page of foundation plans).
  7. Remodels: Missing room labels (ex: bedrooms, studies, etc…) and dimensions.
  8. Remodels: Missing dimensions and/or detailed plans are not scaled or dimensioned appropriately. Framing member sizes, etc…
  9. Remodels: Missing site plan. When site plan is provided, there are no designations on site plan that show where the addition/alteration is located in relation to existing structure.
  10. Remodels: Missing lot legal description on engineered foundation plans that also need to match Plot Plan legal description.

Top 10 Incorrect Items- Sign Review

  1. Wall Signs: Missing complete elevation (photo/rendering) of either tenant space if multi-tenant (non multi-story office building) or whole building elevation if single tenant or multi-story office building.
  2. Wall Signs: Missing overall width measurement of elevation (tenant space linear feet or whole building if needed).
  3. Wall Signs: Missing existing signage on elevations with their overall width and height dimensions, including spacing between each sign.
  4. Wall Signs: Applications and/or plans need to show elevation direction for proposed sign.
  5. Freestanding Signs: Missing scaled site plans showing all easements and proposed and existing sign locations, including setback measurements from leading edges of proposed sign to property lines and adjacent signs.
  6. Freestanding Signs: Sign elevation plans missing width and height (from grade to highest point) measurements of the outer edges of the sign including the base and/or copy area(s) if applicable.
  7. Freestanding Signs: Signs located in overlay districts do not comply with applicable sizes and/or are missing required 6” masonry framing of copy area per code requirements.
  8. Freestanding Signs: Both temporary and permanent types are required to meet all freestanding sign code requirements and document submission.
  9. Non-Temporary (permanent) Signs: Missing valid Certificate of Occupancy on file for business requesting sign.
  10. Sign application required for each sign and two legible sets of all required documents must be submitted with each application.