Organic Recycling Program

Commercial Recycling's Organic Recycling Program offers businesses the opportunity to divert organic material from their trash collection. The program includes:

  • Waste audit and on-site assessment,
  • Training of both internal and custodial staff,
  • 95-gallon carts, labels and posters,
  • Collection and transport of materials to compost site,
  • On-going assistance and training as needed.

View the Organic Recycling poster.

A nominal monthly service fee is assessed based on the number of 95-gallon carts used and number of days per week they are serviced, as well as typical monthly volume collected. In order to adequately service medium to large generators, the minimum service level may not be offered to every business.

Organic Recycling Program Fee Schedule

Generator TypesMonthly Service FeeService Level- Collections/Week*Total Carts Used*
Small$15 + taxUp to once a weekUp to 8
Medium$25 + taxUp to twice a weekUp to 16
Large$75 + taxUp to four times a weekUp to 24
Unscheduled Collection$20 + taxAs requested and approved

* The City of Plano reserves the right to determine final service level and number of total carts.

Material included in the Organic Recycling Program is used to make Texas Pure Products.

For more information, contact Commercial Recycling by email or 972-769-4393.