Texas SmartScape® Garden

Texas SmartScape GardenTexas SmartScape® Demonstration Gardens

The Texas SmartScape gardens at the Environmental Education Center incorporates the site’s natural habitats and topography as an interactive, educational demonstration focused on heat and drought-tolerant landscaping and water-efficient irrigation.

This garden showcases native and well-adapted plants for the North Texas region that are attractive in home landscapes. Visitors learn how to conserve and preserve the health of water and soil as they explore the site. The garden features a meandering trail, artwork made of recycled materials and intimate areas perfect for conversation. 

The garden is designed to provide color and visual interest throughout the year. Visitors are encouraged to return each season to observe the changes in the landscape.

Free and Open to the Public

The gardens are free and open to the public every day during daylight hours. They are also available for rental and provide a lovely outdoor setting for  private events and business functions.

Create your own Texas SmartScape® Garden

To learn how to design your own Texas SmartScape garden, enroll in one of our upcoming Garden Green in Plano classes.

For more information about the Texas SmartScape program, visit the official Texas SmartScape® website.

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