Garden Green in Plano

Do you Garden Green in Plano?

When you garden green in Plano, you work with Mother Nature instead of against her to keep your yard healthy and beautiful. Whether you’re new to North Central Texas gardening or an old hand who’s struggling in the heat, we have ideas on how to save you time, energy, money and most important for Texans - water.

Visit or Volunteer at Our Teaching Gardens

Come out and visit one of our teaching gardens to learn about gardening or gain inspiration for your garden at home:

Plano Community Garden

Classes and Webinars

Live Green in Plano offers classes and webinars on gardening throughout the year. Topics include Shade Gardening, Success with Seeds, Vegetable Gardening, and the Landscape for Life series.

Check out our upcoming programs and events for an up-to-date schedule and to register for a class.

Missed a webinar? You can access all of our past recorded webinars.

Gardening Resources

Got Questions?

Contact Erin Hoffer by email or at (972) 769-4228.