Past Environmental Star of Excellence Award Winners

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Environmental Star of Excellence
Business Awards


Archgate Montessori Academy

This nonprofit has been serving preschoolers for over 30 years. Green attributes include motion-sensor lighting, separate heat pumps and thermostats for each room, LED lighting, food waste recycling and composting for their garden, bike racks, donating surplus office supplies, unclaimed ‘found’ clothing and backpacks to charities such as Goodwill and planting  a floral ‘Monarch WayStation’ garden for attracting monarch butterflies


AMLI West Plano

This LEED Gold certified facility recently partnered with Green Mountain Energy for the installation of 72kW of solar panels expected to provide 20% of common-area electricity use. Green initiatives include Energy Star appliances, bike racks and providing 100% green power to all common areas not powered by solar.  AMLI West Plano participates in community events benefitting teachers, cleanup projects and community recycling events.


My Possibilities

The first building of the first college-styled campus in Texas designed specifically for adults with cognitive disabilities was completed in May 2018.  The 60,000 square foot building boasts natural lighting, LED lighting, bike racks and native adaptive landscaping. Sixty percent of its construction debris was diverted from the landfill. The Campus anticipates serving more than 700 HIPsters (Hugely Important People) weekly.


Rogers O’Brien Construction

For this Legacy West project involving 14 building permits, owner Legacy West LC hired Rogers-O’Brien to manage all contractors and their waste stream. Because of project density, the numerous construction crews onsite could have created safety and waste management problems. The construction company set up a ‘community’ comingled recycling open-top container area for all contractors to utilize. Rogers O’Brien’s recycling diversion was estimated at 98%.


Texas Health Presbyterian Plano

Texas Health Plano (THP) recycled over 300 tons of single-stream and shredded paper and saved over $91,000 by recycling medical devices. Free document shredding and electronic recycling events for employees and the public are offered. A bike rack, EV charging stations, drip irrigation and drought resistant landscaping are among its green attributes. THP has sponsored and participated in the Great American Cleanup and staff volunteer at waterways cleanups.


Cambria Hotel Plano

Cambria Hotel’s green attributes include LED lighting, albedo roof, solar panels, eco-parking, EV-charging stations, a green linen program and guest room recycling. Staff make donations to the Boys & Girls Clubs, participate in City creek clean-ups, Arbor Day tree planting and Clean-Air Day. Cambria’s team has elevated conservation awareness by not automatically offering straws in their restaurant or water bottles in guest rooms.


Whiskey Cake Kitchen and Bar

From refurbished couches and lounge furniture, dishware purchased from Goodwill and EV charging stations to its rooftop solar panels which produce 30% of the restaurant’s energy, this restaurant is green.  Whiskey Cake has eliminated Styrofoam and plastic straws from its waste stream and reuses card board boxes for coasters. It boasts T5 lighting and timers, a rain barrel, native adaptive landscaping and recycles its electronics and toner cartridges.


Villas at Chase Oaks

The Villas at Chase Oaks was the first to become Green Business Certified in 2012.  Property Manager Tina Paysinger is a passionate green advocate—sharing her knowledge at City seminars, National Apartment Association Green Conference and Greater Dallas Apartment Association.  Environmental initiatives include a smart-irrigation system, Energy Star appliances and a community garden. Recently, the Villas partnered with Simple Recycling for a pilot multi-family textile collection, netting 113 bags weighing 1,132 pounds!

Environmental Star of Excellence 
Community Awards


Plano Community Gardens

The Plano Community Garden is an ongoing food provider and demonstration garden representing the best organic gardening practices. The volunteers of the garden are dedicated to educating citizens in sustainable gardening practices and providing produce to local food pantries. The gardeners aim to donate 4,000 pounds per year to community food pantries.


Graciela Katzer

Graciela Katzer is a full time volunteer who has demonstrated outstanding environmental leadership within the Plano community. As the co-founder and President of Plano International Festival she not only promotes diversity and multicultural understanding, but champions waste diversion strategies to ensure responsible management of resources.


Tanya Magesh

Tanya Magesh, an eighth grader at Robinson Middle School, implemented structured cafeteria recycling in her school to minimize the amount of waste that goes to landfill, and maximize the amount being recycled. Due to Tanya's effort, Robinson Middle school was the first school in Plano ISD to have an organized cafeteria recycling program.


Bettye Haun Elementary PTA

As one of the few Plano schools without a directly adjacent City park, the Bettye Haun Elementary PTA longed to beautify the campus landscape and provide a park-like setting for the students. To reach their goals, the PTA organized a Fun Run fundraiser to fund the purchase and planting of trees. The project shows the students the benefits of enhancing the outdoor world and the importance of environmental preservation.


Biltmore Patio HOA

With the assistance of Neighborhood Beautification Grants, Biltmore Patio has worked to become a healthy, attractive, and sustainable community. In addition to sidewalk and fencing repairs, the HOA has improved their irrigation system and planted native and adapted tree species in order to reduce their water use.


Plano International Festival

Plano International Festival showcases the cultural diversity of the City of Plano to all of its 20,000+ attendees. The Festival and its volunteers incorporate strategies to minimize the amount of waste sent to the landfill during the event. Last year, these efforts ensured that approximately 70% of the waste generated at the event would be transformed into new products through composting and recycling.

 Environmental School Awards


Murphy Middle School

The Murphy Middle School Environmental Club promotes a multitude of sustainability topics to its students. This year the club assisted with an Eagle Scout project to build a butterfly garden for the school. Students played an active role in researching the plants that were best suited for butterflies in the garden and registered it as Monarch Waystation.


Rice Middle School

The Rice Middle School Eco-Club is a curricular based club with the goal of increasing recycling and encouraging students, staff, and parents to care of the environment. In addition to their other recycling programs, this year the Eco-Club collected thousands of plastic bottle caps and created a 3’x12’ mural with the recovered plastic caps to showcase the importance of recycling.